Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Kitchen Set

So typical me, I can't just drop an idea... I have to keep it going.   I have this ridiculous love for kitchens, kitchen stuff, appliances and kitchen-y decor, so I out together a coordinating kitchen set for the Beatrice and Lemondrop.

The kitchen comes packed loaded all into a rezzer for easy positioning.  Drop it, rez it, move it, done.
Though, the loaded version is not for the prim conscious, but since it's not linked you can take away the things you don't want, like or need.

For those that prefer to do it their own way, no problem, you also get a packed box of loose kitchen items to place how and where you want.  And if you don't want all the extras that come with it, no worries, you can also get just the kitchen itself.

The Beatrice Kitchen is loaded with poses for cooking, meal prepping, washing dishes and baking.  Multiple surfaces can be used at the same time to accommodate 5 avatars.  Perfect for families.
Each pose option has self rezzing props as well as wearable props.

For more pictures on how it all works check out the *Funky*Junk* Flickr page.
Or you can always come check out the rezzed demo inside the Beatrice House. DEMO


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