Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can't fit through the bathroom door?

Can't walk up your steps? Are you no longer able to walk through your doors? It's not you, your computer, or your house. It's pathfinding!

You can read about pathfinding on this page: Pathfinding In Second Life.

But what you want is a fix, right?

You will need some basic editing skills, but it is not hard.

1. Right click on your house to edit it and keep the editing window up.

2. Choose "Edit Linked" and make sure that checkbox is clicked!

3. If you can't go through the door, with Edit Linked selected, click on the DOOR FRAME. If you can't get up the steps, click on the steps. Make sure JUST what you're editing is selected, not the whole house!

4. In your editing box, go into the Features tab.

5. Under "Physics Shape Type," set it to NONE.

All done! You should be able to walk up and down your stairs, or in and out of rooms with ease! If for some reason you can't, edit the door frame again and under the Object tab, just set it to Phantom. Setting it as phantom only works on the doors, not on the steps.

If you need any additional help, don't hesitate to contact Funky Junk Customer Service!
Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Spruce Up Your Space

It's that time again and the theme is Summer Vacation or something to that effect, I forget now... 3am and all... I like to vacation at home, in the sun, with my family, no traffic, no tourists, just home, the bbq and my loved ones.  This patio is a little different that my typical style but I love it none the less... and it comes with a matching set of furniture.  (I really hate making furniture.. seriously)

 The Carlisle Summer Patio is texture change with 7 wood choices and comes with a pretty arrangement of color flowers for each of the planters.  Use them or use your own.

The Furniture set is also texture change with 2 wicker options and 4 fabric choices.  The couch seats 3, the loveseat seats two and the chair just one avatar.  Various poses in each cushion.

Both sets are available this weekend only for $150L each.  Demos are available at the mainstore.
TP to Demos HERE.
Friday, June 22, 2012

New Subscriber Gift

I noticed the subscriber gift I had in my joiner was rather old and dated so I took some time to redo it.  I have always been very fond of greenhouses, gazebos and outdoor living so I stuck with the green house and added some love.  It also comes with a few potted plants to get you started.  Grab one by TPing to the mainstore and hitting the subscribo.  Enjoy.

The Greenhouse itself is 35 prims, with plants it's 98.  The footprint is approximately 6 x 8.  Butterflies are NOT included.


Also, this coming week I'll be sending a group only gift to my in world group and at that time I'll be closing the group until the gift falls off the notices.  If you want it, join now, it's free.  Here's a little preview.

Texture change with 5 wood choices, 3 hanging vines options or none at all, 6 cushion and pillow choices and lots of poses for singles or a couples.

Toodles for now.
Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Kitchen Set

So typical me, I can't just drop an idea... I have to keep it going.   I have this ridiculous love for kitchens, kitchen stuff, appliances and kitchen-y decor, so I out together a coordinating kitchen set for the Beatrice and Lemondrop.

The kitchen comes packed loaded all into a rezzer for easy positioning.  Drop it, rez it, move it, done.
Though, the loaded version is not for the prim conscious, but since it's not linked you can take away the things you don't want, like or need.

For those that prefer to do it their own way, no problem, you also get a packed box of loose kitchen items to place how and where you want.  And if you don't want all the extras that come with it, no worries, you can also get just the kitchen itself.

The Beatrice Kitchen is loaded with poses for cooking, meal prepping, washing dishes and baking.  Multiple surfaces can be used at the same time to accommodate 5 avatars.  Perfect for families.
Each pose option has self rezzing props as well as wearable props.

For more pictures on how it all works check out the *Funky*Junk* Flickr page.
Or you can always come check out the rezzed demo inside the Beatrice House. DEMO
Monday, June 4, 2012

Shabby Spring Cottages

You may  have noticed the Lemondrop Cottage last weekend with May's Spruce Up Your Space, if not, well, you can still grab it at the mainstore and on the Marketplace.  I also have a 2 bedroom, 2 story home version, called Beatrice.

While these are a but prim heavy, they are packed full of cute and charm. As they are modifiable, you can always pull of the bits and pieces you do not want to bring the prim count down. (I'll master this mesh thing if it's the last thing I do!)

The Beatrice comes with the same classic porch as the Lemondrop or with a larger Wrap around porch version, the latter is currently on display at the mainstore.  Both have the same identical interior of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the upper level, a large living room area with a rear summer porch and a cozy eat-in kitchen with back door that joins to the wrap- around porch.

*Funky*Junk* Mainstore
Happy Spring!

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