Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can't fit through the bathroom door?

Can't walk up your steps? Are you no longer able to walk through your doors? It's not you, your computer, or your house. It's pathfinding!

You can read about pathfinding on this page: Pathfinding In Second Life.

But what you want is a fix, right?

You will need some basic editing skills, but it is not hard.

1. Right click on your house to edit it and keep the editing window up.

2. Choose "Edit Linked" and make sure that checkbox is clicked!

3. If you can't go through the door, with Edit Linked selected, click on the DOOR FRAME. If you can't get up the steps, click on the steps. Make sure JUST what you're editing is selected, not the whole house!

4. In your editing box, go into the Features tab.

5. Under "Physics Shape Type," set it to NONE.

All done! You should be able to walk up and down your stairs, or in and out of rooms with ease! If for some reason you can't, edit the door frame again and under the Object tab, just set it to Phantom. Setting it as phantom only works on the doors, not on the steps.

If you need any additional help, don't hesitate to contact Funky Junk Customer Service!


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